As the crisis continues in APC weather to use direct or the indirect method for its primary, Senator Shehu Sani has described the indirect method as a boulevard to corruption

Shehu Sani, who expressed his dislike for indirect primary in a statement sent to PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday said “Indirect Primaries is a boulevard to corruption. It’s a seed to imposition, manipulation and systematic desecration of the anti-corruption crusade of the government and the party.

“Indirect Primaries is a bidding process, a slave market and an auction house where price tag is placed to honour,” he noted.

Urging all members of the party to reject the method, Mr Sani described it as a “final step to consolidate a fraudulent congresses.”

Direct primaries involves the participation of all party members in the selection of party candidates while indirect primaries involves use of delegates, often party leaders at local levels and political appointees as well as elected officials, to elect party candidates.