Delta State Organising Secretary of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon. Chief Sunday Onoriode, yesterday, said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) and serial governorship aspirant in the state, Chief Great Ogboru, are no threat to the PDP in the 2019 elections.

Hon. Onoriode, who said this in an interview in Oria-Abraka, claimed that the serial governorship aspirant and the APC, which he described as a gathering of ‘confused fellows, ’ lacked the capacity and political structure to win elections in Ethiope East Local Government Area and the state.

He explained that his assertion was not based on mere words but on reality, pointing out that elections were won with viable political structures and not mere words that the APC has repeatedly failed to translate into action.

The PDP scribe said; “The APC must understand that election is won by structure and the truth is, Ogboru and his party lack the political structure in Ethiope East and Delta as a whole. If you move from ward-to-ward in Ethiope East and all the local government areas in the state, you will observe that the PDP has a solid structure but same cannot Coverbe said of Ogboru and his party.

“When contesting an election, two things are involved; you either win or lose. In the history of politics in Ethiope East and Delta State, it is only during election period that Ogboru is in the state and as soon as election is over, he is out of the state again, so; there is no relationship between him and grassroots. “

He insisted that the PDP ‘has carried out its assignment well and positioned for victory, noting that come 2019 election, the party would win the election fair and square at levels of governance.