How Ngige praised Governor Fayose of Ekiti and begged Ekiti people to vote for him again – Video


Mr. President, leaders of our party, our people are ready and on Saturday it will happen. We thank the leaders of our party, especially those from the South West, for forgiving the Ekiti people for the mistake they made in 2014. So, they won’t make that mistake again,” Ngige said. “If you marry two wives, you will know which one is better. Fayose is the better wife; [she] cooks and feeds the husband well. [she] does not give the husband any problem. So you must bring back Fayose on Saturday.” Those were the very words used by Ngige, watch the video captured by ChannelTv below.


Fayose thanks Ngige for ‘campaigning’ for him at APC rally

Meanwhile Governor Fayose has commended the Minister for campaigning for him. He stated that the campaign was a demonstration that he is not afraid to say the truth.

Fayose on Twitter wrote, ”I thank my good friend, Dr Chris Ngige for campaigning for me at the APC rally in Ado Ekiti yesterday.

”Dr Ngige is a man who is not always afraid to say the truth and that’s what he demonstrated yesterday even in the presence of the President and other APC leaders.”